Paper Types

Specifications of Paper Types and Printing Services

Large Format Giclée & Photo Prints.

Turn your favourite photos into beautiful posters to hang in your home or office. Please contact us for pricing and media availabilities.

At Germotte Photo & Framing Studios, we have a high appreciation for the quality of our customers' print work. That's why we approach every print and design job with such focus and commitment to detail. We make sure your print job happens the way you visualize it.

We offer an assortment of finishing & mounting, custom framing, Foam-Core and Masonite mounting, lamination and many other special finishing options & Canvas gallery wraps stretching.

While not every type of printing we offer is of the same quality, each type of printing is done at the highest quality in the industry for that particular type of printing.

  • We provide water-based pigment inkjet printing in at resolutions up to 2880 dpi and widths up to 64". This type of printing is primarily for giclée fine art printing, canvas printing various types of indoor printing such as posters, trade show graphics, backlit graphics and other types of high quality, long-lasting display prints.
  • We perform full ICC colour profiling for every media and ink combination we use for exceptional colour accuracy.
  • We offer an enormous selection of Canvas, Fine Art paper, and photo paper products.

Photo Enlargements
Our digital photo printing service provides enlargements of your photos that are the highest quality available, and over 5 times greater than a traditional photo print. This is a great way to restore and preserve precious photos, create special gifts, and make enlargements from your digital camera files.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art digital printing service, we can output your photographs to a variety of photo papers at sizes up to 64" wide, or for something special, choose from a wide selection of photo paper and fine art media such as watercolour papers and canvas. Our printing on canvas and watercolour paper is museum-quality and an excellent way to create an archival print with an artistic look.

This page describes our services for digital photo enlargement. For professional photographers looking to make limited edition or open edition prints of their work, please contact GPF Studio. The information below shows the variety of materials we offer for digital photo enlargements, has our recommendations for the best materials to use in different situations and provides answers to common questions.

Photo Papers
Below are the photo papers we offer for digital photo printing. Photo papers reproduce the look of traditional photo prints but are still printed using the giclée process. They are popular because they offer tremendous colour depth and saturation, and are the least expensive materials for giclée printing.

Metallic Photo Paper
Photo Metallic Paper represents a breakthrough for inkjet photo papers. This paper enables you to create stunning prints that previously could be output only in a darkroom. The metallic, high-gloss surface on this 10-mil, 255g photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. This paper provides the perfect way to make portraits, commercial display prints, and competition prints that stand out from the others.

Premium Luster Photo Paper -260
This professional photo paper offers excellent colour and a heavy 260 gsm. weight. The lustre finish is the lowest gloss level available in a professional photo paper. This paper is moisture and smudge resistant, but susceptible to scratching so we recommend careful handling and framing behind glass. Width up to 44".

Premium Semi-matte Photo Paper -260
This professional photo paper offers excellent colour reproduction and a heavy 260 gsm weight. The traditional E surface finish provides an elegant texture consistent with that of a dark room. It creates highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Width up to 44".

Premium Glossy Photo Paper -170
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (170) is an instant-drying, high-gloss paper with a resin-coated (RC) base. The RC base allows the paper to maintain vivid, lifelike colours that rival traditional prints. A favourite among photographers and graphic artists, its non-cockling characteristics make it ideal for photographs, promotional pieces, layouts, portfolio images, proofs, displays and posters. It creates high-quality prints by offering maximum ink coverage with brilliant colour inks that dry in an instant. This paper can also be easily laminated to provide protection from light and moisture. width up to 44".

Enhanced Matte Paper
For photographers seeking a flat matte surface, EPSON Enhanced Matte Paper is the ideal choice. This bright white paper is perfect for images that do not require gloss. It yields highly saturated images while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. Designed primarily for use with Ultra Chrome™ Inks. Hobbyists, professional photographers and digital artists alike will find EPSON Enhanced Matte Paper a remarkable solution for any project. Width up to 44".

Watercolour Papers
Below are the watercolour papers we offer for digital photo printing. We offer watercolour papers from a variety of paper mills in a range of weights and textures. For the most part, these are the same papers that artists use for watercolour painting, but they have been specially treated for giclée printing. Some of the papers below were created specifically with giclée printing in mind, but all of them produce excellent results.

Epson Cold Press Bright
This paper has an acid free base, PH Buffered, 100% cotton rag on 340 gsm weight. It has a bright white surface with a soft textured finish for excellent colour and black & white reproduction. With extremely high D-Max for high contrast, it dries instantly and has a wide colour gamut.

Epson Hot Press Bright
This paper has an acid free base, PH Buffered, 100% cotton rag on 330 gsm weight. It has a bright white surface and an ultra-smooth finish for excellent colour and black & white reproduction. With extremely high D-Max for high contrast, it dries instantly and has a wide colour gamut. coloured cold press paper has the look and touch of Old World handmade paper. Capable of creating 1440 dpi, high-resolution prints this paper yields brilliant colours and deep blacks. The paper is made exclusively for Epson by Crane & Co., makers of fine specialty papers since 1801.

Somerset Velvet
Somerset® has always been the first paper choice among serious artists and printmakers. Ever since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper, Somerset has enjoyed a reputation for quality that has continued to grow through the years. Somerset Velvet is 100% cotton, acid-free paper that delivers long-lasting prints.

Hahnemuhle German Etching - 310gsm
This 310 gsm mould-made, the acid-free watercolour paper offers the excellent colour range and depth in a lightly textured watercolour paper. As the name suggests, it has a surface similar to etching paper, which is excellent for both photography and fine art printing. Available in widths up to 44".

Fine Art Pearl 285 gsm · bright white · pearl-finish
the bright white of Fine Art Pearl enables impressive contrasts and pictorial depth in black and white or colour photography. The special coating provides a pearl-finish.

Artist Canvas
We offer a broad selection of canvas options to cover most any need and budget. All of the canvas choices below are specially treated for giclée printing to provide superior results, and all of them can be mounted on a stretcher bar without fear of cracking.

EPSON Premium Canvas Matte
Piezo Pro Water Resistant Matte Canvas for Epson will satisfy even the most demanding professional. Made from a durable blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, this unique heavyweight, quality canvas offers a high-resolution coating that is pliable enough to withstand stretching without sagging and displays a subtle texture for a true artistic look and feel. Combined with incredible colour reproduction, it provides a matte water resistance finish with instant dry versatility. Available in widths up to 60".

Premium Canvas Satin -19mil
Made from a durable blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, this unique heavyweight, quality canvas utilizes a tight weave that is ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions. It offers a high-resolution coating that is pliable enough to withstand stretching without sagging, and displays a subtle texture for a true artistic look and feel. . Available in widths up to 40”.

Multi-panel Prints
For multi-panel canvas print, it's best to leave your artwork as a single large image rather than trying to break it into panels. If you split the image up yourself, we lose control over any adjustments that need to be made.

File Specifications
We require that you include your document fonts, convert them to outlines, or embed them in your file, and we also recommend some kind of proof so that we can verify that no problems have occurred in transferring your file to our system. A low jpeg or PDF file works great for this purpose, but be sure to name in such a way that we know it's for proofing purposes and not be used for the printing of your job. Labelling it as Proof Only will work fine. If you decide to send us a PDF file for printing, be sure you save the file properly because we will have limited ability to change what you give us. In general, you can send a JPEG file TIFF or PDF.

Resolution and File Size
The proper resolution for scanned images is really dependent on the viewing distance for the finished print, and the quality you would like. For viewing distances of 5 feet using 720 dpi output, scanned images should be at least 100 dpi at their actual final output size, and we recommend 150 dpi. Some improvement in quality is noticeable at resolutions above 150 dpi, but unless your final print will be viewed from 2 feet or closer, the extra resolution will not be noticeable. At viewing distances of 10 feet or greater, lower resolutions are acceptable.

Scans can be in either RGB or ARGB. We use the Adobe RGB (1998) profile for RGB images. For the most accurate colour, you can either use these profiles for your images as well or embed your working profiles in your images and we'll convert them to our space for accurate colour.

For any job where the final colour is critical, we recommend a colour proof before we run your final prints. The extra cost could easily pay for itself if problems are found with the colour. If you have questions about this process contact us and we will help you determine the best approach for your job.