Digital Mat Printing & Cutting

Digital Mat Printing & Cutting

Limited only by imagination...

Digital Mat Printing

Matte printer

Germotte Photo & Framing Studio's 64" wide Digital Printer is capable of an almost limitless selection of custom mat printing.

Used in combination with a high-resolution professional scanner, our commercial size mat cutter, and our state-of-the-art framing software, no job is too large or too complex.

Quality Assurance

Top quality and a lasting impression are assured because this system uses archival ink and acid-free paper products.

Whether you need to produce brilliant photographic signage that lasts, impressive business presentation graphics that persuade, high-resolution GIS Maps that clarify, or pre-press proofs that are colour accurate, Germotte Studio Framing has the solution.

Examples of Custom Mat Printing and Cutting

Offset Combination

In this example, two mats are used to elicit the effect. Beginning with an acid-free white mat.

The Giclée printer applies UltraChrom ink to the surface.

mat print

The bottom mat was printed with a yellow/orange and the top mat was printed with a "textured" print.

The scarf shape was cut out on our computerized mat cutter to reflect the scarf in the art.

Our designers chose to offset the picture in the mat to allow space for the scarf and to create an illusion of wind blowing.

This is a good example of mat printing and mat cutting used in conjunction with and complementing each other.

Printable Text and Graphics

Wedding photos offer an excellent opportunity for using a combination of both text and image printed on a mat. In this example, our graphic artist worked from a photo of the church to create an image of the church in which the couple was married. Using technology and personal graphics skills in perfect harmony with each other, our staff can create personal images of any occasion that last a lifetime.

Digital Mat Printing

A combination of technology and handcrafted graphics.

Custrom Mat Printing Ottawa Canada

Enlargements of the text and image of the church.

This technique of printing directly on the mat replaces the use of brass or silver engraved plates which can sometimes distract from the art that you’re framing. We can use any font or colour you desire. The limit is the imagination.

Digital Mat cutting

your imagination run wild!

Computerize Mat cuting Machine

Germotte Photo & Framing Studio can design and cut any matt that will complement your subject. The digital matt cutter can cut very intricate shapes including clip art shapes, lettering and detailed lines that could only be dreamed of before.

Here are a few examples to show the capabilities of the matt cutter:

Digital Mat Cutting Ottawa Canada

Digital Mat Cutting Ottawa