Artwork Scanning

Professional Artwork Scanning and Fine art Reproduction

At Germotte photo & framing studio we work with the Artist to create a high-quality Giclée fine art reproduction of the original masterpiece.
We provide guidance and explain the process from scanning or capturing the image to editing the digital file, adjusting colours, and getting the digital file ready for printing on a verity of stocks, from Canvas, texture or smooth fine Art paper, or photo paper.

 File Formats for printing

  • PDF: Preferred for most files
  • JPG: Preferred for images
  • TIFF  or PSD: Preferred for high-resolution images
  • EPS: Preferred for large signs and banners


 Sample Proof & Digital High-Resolution Copy

When the file is ready and at the request of the artist we can print a sample proof on the choice of stock paper or canvas.
After the proofing is done we will store a copy in our digital library, and the artist will receive a digital high-resolution copy ready for printing.


Limited Edition Print

The limited edition print can all be printed at ones and numbered, or you can print on demand only when needed.


Time for Scanning & Print 

Turnaround time is five business days to produce the digital file of the original artwork with a proof print. After the approval of the print, the Giclée reproduction will be ready in 2 to 3 business days.

Fine Art Reproduction

You can also bring your own digital scan file, providing a high-quality file will produce a high-quality print, if any adjustment or colour correction required, a fee will be added at 15 min. increment.