Laminating Services

Framing!!! not an option for you?

Laminating Services it will be the best solution to protect your prints, photo, documents, posters, artwork, wedding photo & invitations, newspaper clippings, maps, collages and anything you think about.

Drymounting & Laminating

What are they?

To produce a lamination, the picture is first mounted to high-density fiberboard (Medite board) and then covered with a clear UV laminate. Once it is laminated, it can be edged with coloured tape or framed without glass just like a painting on canvas. This is a great way to frame prints because you get the protection of glass without the associated problems that can arise such as breakage, glare, etc...

Since the process is not reversible, lamination is not for signed or numbered prints, or anything else that is potentially valuable or a one-of-a-kind item.

Various Lamination types are available.

Plaque with a paper mat
Flushmount with Papermate
Framed plaque