Eco Care

EcoCare Frames

We sell EcoCare frames that are entirely Earth-friendly because they are made from recycled materials and renewable resources. 100% VOC free, made from an environmentally sustainable wood source. Good for the world, great for your art!

We also

Reuse and Recycle.

  • We use leftover pieces of moulding, glass, mat, and backing to create beautiful ready-made frames.

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  • We reuse Kraft paper and the paper that protects our crated sheets of glass for wrapping finished work.

  • We donate extra scrap mat board, cardboard, and foam- core backing to local schools

  • All remaining scrap paper, matboard, and cardboard are placed in recycling bins and are recycled by The City of Ottawa.

  • We reuse cardboard, bubble wrap and Styrofoam for packaging.

  • We donate frames that our customers wish to discard to local charity organizations.

  • Picture frame glass and acrylic cannot be recycled at this time, but we do our best to donate the reusables to the local charities.

 Technology and Energy.

  • With our computerized POS design system; we are able to print just one copy of your order.

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  • Our Wizard computerized mat cutter virtually eliminates mistakes and saves mat board.

  • We use both sides of the printing paper in our printers and fax machine whenever possible.

  • All of the orders and estimates are saved on our hard drive rather than in paper files. To reduce paper storage.

  • We minimize the use of paper by sending invoices, quotations, and other documents by e-mail.

  • We use low energy compact fluorescent tubes and bulbs.

  • Our equipment and computers are turned off at night to save energy.

  • We save dry mounting projects to be done at one time so our heat press is not on all day.