Shadow Box Frames

Memory & Shadow Boxes


Custom frame and display your cherished mementos.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

<pDimensional Shadow Box</p

A great alternative to placing your keepsakes in a case or on a shelf. Protect your possessions by letting us help you design a showcase frame for your personal mementos.

Considering so much went into earning these awards, the least we can do is honor our heroes by proudly displaying their achievements in an appropriate manner.


2011-masters Beades-frame bead-work BEATLES-RECORD-AND-TICKET blue-door Bluesfest-2009-Guitar Bluesfest-2010-GUITAR Bluesfest-2011-GUITAR Bluesfest-2012-GUITAR bluesfest-guitar Bob-Marley calcutt's-neckless calcutt's-neckless.-open-top--JPG carpet_1 cd-case1 cottagesign dog-dish Elephant-in-box fabric-in-shadowbox floating3 Floating-art-in-shadow-box fox-in-shadobox frame-for-a-frame,-shadowboxing GUITAR-DISPLAY-CASE GYMNASTICS iron-man-medals jubilee-#2 KAWASAKY-CERT.-&-BOWL.-LIFT-2JPG Kite-Shadowbox lady-with-cat Logo-crest-st-pius lorax maderinshirt mandala marble-collection Mask-Glass-sided-shadow-box medals medals-in-shadow-box medals-museum-highlanders Microphone-frame milldmedal object-mount OMEGA-BLADE picture-in-shadow-box PINS polar-bear-tooth-2 sentimental-items-. seven-higest-sumits SHADOW-BOX1 SPACE-SHUTTLE-FRAME Stepped-Shadow-box tecomunication-award tie tie3 Tie-in-shadow-box Veteran-shadow-box WAR-MEDAL-SHADOWBOX Worked-leather world-juniors ww1-medals-shadowbox YARDSTICK-FRAME