Mounting and Laminating

Framing ! not an option for you? 

Try dry mounting and laminating products it will be the best solution to protect your prints.

Prints and Posters

Wood mounted prints and posters are stylish, attractive and suitable for any décor.durable and finished with your choice of protective film, matte, glossy, canvas textured or linen textured, The edges of the wood mount are trimmed, bevelled and then finished with your choice of bevel color red, white, black, gold, silver, black marble, light wood granite, burgundy marble, green and blue.

Mounting and laminating is an appealing alternative to custom framing for protecting and displaying your prints and posters.

Lamination consists of sealing an image under a protective film in order to make it adhere to the mounting surface, a masonite board, All of our laminated photos offers an increased protection a UV filtering film that protects your prints, they are washable.

Longer Lasting

Advantages of mounting have been acclaimed by photographer, fine art and museums for many years, It is much longer lasting and refuses to demount prematurely. We use the highest quality materials and comes with the same guarantees as does any Germotte custom framed product.

Photo Mounting Possibilities of Usage

Many possibilities of using the dry mounting processes in graphics and promotion areas are unending like architect drawings, maps, posters, sale displays, fine art, portrait, wedding and more can all enjoy the excellent protection.


Lamination protects your poster surface from fingerprints, weather, fading, and scratches.

Front-sided: the surface only be will laminated with a clear thin layer of translucent film, semi-gloss finish, good for protecting posters or documents that are going to be used often.

Double-sided lamination (encapsulation): laminated on both sides, semi-gloss, sealed around edges for maximum protection, fairly stiff. Comes in two thickness 5MiL. And 10MiL. Maximum size: 35" x 48".


Mounting provides a rigid support for your document or poster could be MDF, HDF, Foam Core or Mighty core.

Mightycore or Foam Core board

3/16" and up to ½” thick, lightweight, white or black.
The maximum size print for mounting on foam core or Mightycore is 94" x 47" The foam core comes 48"x 96", but mounting right out to the edges is difficult and the boards often have flaws along the edges that will require trimming down the edges.

Frameless Photo Mounting