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Fine Art Prints Online

Our Fine Art paper type specification 

Ultra Smooth

An acid-free, 100% Cotton rag media with a bright natural smooth finish.

  • Brand: Epson
  • Type: smooth matte finish.
  • Specifications: smooth matte finish, 16 mil thickness,  98% opacity, 96 ISO brightness, Acid-Free, PH Buffered.


this paper has an acid free base 100% Cotton rag on 340 gsm weight, it has a bright white surface with the soft textured finish for excellent colour and black and white reproduction.

  • Brand: Epson
  • Type: Textured matte fine art
  • Specifications: Textured Matte Finish, 19 mil thickness,  98% opacity, 96 ISO brightness, Acid-Free, PH Buffered.

William Turner:

Matt FineArt – textured310 gsm, 100% Cotton, white, mould-made, archival standards

  • Brand: Hahnemuhle.
  • Type: Textured Matte Fine Art
  • Specifications: Textured Matte Finish, 310 gsm weight,  97% Opacity, 89 ISO Brightness, 100% Cotton

Fine Art Baryta:

Glossy Fine Art 325 gsm, 100% a-Cellulose, bright white, high-gloss.

  • Brand: Hahnemuhle.
  • Type: Glossy Fine Art
  • Specifications: Gloss Finish, 325 gsm weight, 98% Opacity, 103 ISO Brightness, 100% Cellulose. 

Pura Velvet

Bright white Smooth fine art paper, 100% cotton.

  • Brand: Breathing Color.
  • Type: Bright White Velvet Fine Art.
  • Specifications: Matte Finish, 16.5 Mil Thickness, 310 gsm weight, 100% Cotton.

Photo Rag, Bright White

100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture archival standards, meet the highest industry standards, colour gamut

  • Brand: Hahnemuehle
  • Type: smooth matte fine art
  • Specifications: smooth matte finish, 308 gsm weight, 99% opacity, 99.5 ISO brightness, Acid-Free, 100% Cotton white, Calcium Carbonate buffer.


Fine Art Prints

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