Digital Framing Preview

See your art framed before you place your order. It’s the new way to frame! The procedure. A camera mounted above the design table takes a digital photo of the art and several framing choices. With just a few mouse clicks you’ll see a rendition of the finished framing project on our computer! You can instantly compare frame and mat choices, sizes, textures, corner shapes and decorative V-Grooves. It's quick and easy! You can even choose your own wall colour

Airplane Framed art


Framing Choice

Behind your framing choice! Our visualization service is just another way to make your framing experience comfortable and amusing!

Airplane Frames

variety of framing and matting options

We placed a variety of framing and matting options around the art. A digital photograph was taken from the overhead camera. Imported into the Visualization software and was displayed on the monitor. From there we selected the different frames and mats and the software generated option views. Here are few of them

Columbus Airplane Frame

Cross-Weave Pattern

Option 3 and 4 use a white frame with a subtle raised cross-weave pattern that echoes the pattern of the plane.

Digital Picture Frame

Customer's Final Choice

This was the customer's final choice a simple wood frame with v groove. This is the final, finished frame, a wonderful reward!

Airplane Framed Picture