Jersey Framing

Custom Jersey Framing

Looking to protect treasured sports memorabilia? Ever seen a hockey jersey in a sports bar sagging behind a sheet of glass, like a piece of wrinkled laundry, because it hasn't been properly mounted?

Just don't do it!

  Germotte Photo & Framing Studio has artfully framed jerseys for players, hockey, baseball, basketballs fans and more.

Our staff uses conservation grade materials, AutoCAD software, an eye for color and an attention to craftsmanship to create unique designs and final products which are built to last.

 No two framed jersey’s alike, as details such as the dimensions of player’s names, logos, or the placement of autographs must be carefully considered. Check out the variety of stunning layouts!


#6_1RYAN 4_1BIG-RIG-FRAME 05.-Jersey 07.-Jersey 09.-Jersey 10_Lafleur-Hockey-Jersey 11_All-star-jersey 13_regann--jersey 14.-Jersey 17_-Hockey-Jersey 18_Hockey-Jersey 19_backstrom 19_spezza-jersey 21_Hockey-Jersey 25_-Women-Canada 29_Hockey-Jersey 65_KARLSSON-JERSEY 77_Lethbridge 81_KESSEL-JERSEY 87_1_Crosby-Hockey-Jersey 87_Crosby-Hockey-Jersey 90_Hockey-Jersey 93_-Regin ALFISTAR ALFI-YELLOW ALLSTAR All-Stars-NHL Basketball.-Jersey Boxed-Hockey-Jersey canadian-paralympiqueframed carleton-ravens-basketball carleton-ravens-basketball-jerseys- Celtic-Football-Jersey dallas-cowboys-framed fisher-jersey gretzky-jersey jersey-12 jersey-#77 jersey-frame KARLSSON-COMPLETE KARLSSON-JERSEY LIBERA-PIX LIVESTRONG-JERSEY LJHVJLHVKLJHVB Luca-John MENEZES-PHOTO-JERSEY MOLSONS-BALLARD nicoletta nicoletta-08 nicoletta-calder-cup REDDEN--JERSEY-FILE red-wings regann-jersey REGIN-#13 regincomplete ryan#6 ryan_2_6 SAMPLE-ONE SENATORS-JERS SWIM-CANADA--FINAL triathlon-suit

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